Android Training Android Studio with Advanced Java

Android Training Android Studio with Advanced Java The main goal of this course is to teach you anything you need to know about Java & Android to develop your own apps. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create your own Android apps and add them to your portfolio.SMEClabs offers an inclusive Java Android training in INDIA. The extensive practical training provided by Java Android training institute equips live projects and simulations. Such detailed Java Android course has helped our students secure job in various MNCs. The trainers at SMEClabs are subject specialist corporate professionals providing in-depth study in Java Android course . Participants completing the Java Android certification have various job opportunities in the industry.
Further, we have kept the Java Android course flexible. From online classroom to fast-track & one-to-one classroom Java Android training is provided during weekdays and weekends to the attendees. Our modern lab is equipped with latest technologies helping students avail a successful Java Android training and certification from the institute.
SMEClabs, recognized among the top ten Java Android training institute in INDIA , has training module for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Whether you are a college student, I.T professional or a project manager; the best Java Android training institute in INDIA offers best training environment, veteran Java Android trainers, and flexible training schedules for entire modules. Also, the best training institute for Java Android training in INDIA asks for a value to money fee from the students. The pocket-friendly Java Android course fee structure can be afford by students coming from all backgrounds.
After Java Android course in INDIA, learning the interview skills indeed becomes mandatory. Along with Java Android classes in INDIA, we have sessions for personality development, spoken English, and presentation. At our Java Android training centre in INDIA, Placement team schedules recruitment drives where the technology-driven branded companies hand-pick our students. Java Android training in INDIA with placement assistance is the key feature which rated us ‘star five’ in the reviews by our aspirants. Reviews and honest feedback is mentioned on our official website. SMEClabs is one of the best Java Android training centres in INDIA delivering out-of-box thinking professionals to the industry.

Advanced Android Developer

Advanced Android Developer

Advanced Android Developer

Android Training Syllabus


Android Training Android Studio with Advanced Java

  • What is Android?
  • Android Overview
  • Android Introduction
  • Android SDK Architecture
  • Android Development Environment
  • Software Development Kit
  • Linux Kernel
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Understanding Android code
  • Architecture & basic components

Android Installations

  • Install Android Developer Tools
  • Other Eclipse Installation Options
  • Install Android Studio

Main Building Blocks

  • Activities
  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers

Basic Android User Interface

  • Ways of User Interface Creation
  • User Interface Layout
  • Linear, absolute, table, relative, frame layouts
  • Different Types of Views
  • User Interface Events
  • Common UI components

Advanced UI Components

  • Selection of components
  • Menus and Dialogs
  • Code and inflating XML resources
  • Creating Different Types of Dialogs
  • Adaptors & Animations

Notification & Alarms

  • Toast
  • Introducing Notifications
  • Alarms

Data Storage

  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage (Files)
  • External Storage (SD Card)
  • Database (SQLite)


  • Accessing telephony information
  • Interacting with the phone
  • Making Calls
  • Working with messages: SMS


  • Images
  • Audio and Video Player
  • Camera Interfacing
  • Taking Pictures

Location & Location Manager

  • Map Activity & Map View
  • Overlay & Geo Point
  • Map Controller
  • Location Listener
  • Finding Current Locations

Web services

  • Introduction to web services
  • Steps to Web Service Deployment
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