Civil NDT Training QA QC Training

Civil NDT Training QA QC Training SMEClabs provides the best onsite training in NDT QA/QC in civil training.The tests available for testing concrete range from the completely non-destructive, where there is no damage to the concrete, and also where there is light damage to the structure known as partial destructive testing. Civil NDT Training QA QC Training

Certified Civil NDT Engineer

Certified Civil NDT Engineer

Certified Civil NDT Engineer

Civil NDT QA QC Training Syllabus

Introduction to QA/QC

  • Definition of Quality
  • Parameters of Quality assurance & Quality control

Role of QA/QC Engineer

  • Daily inspection
  • Co-ordination of construction site

Quality Management System

  • QA/QC documents
  • Non-conformance, Project Quality plan

Quality tests at Construction Sites

  • Tests on building materials – Cement, Concrete, Aggregates, Bricks, Soil, Bitumen, Refractory, Marble / Granite, Steel, Wood, paint
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) on Concrete – Introduction to NDT, Strength Estimation, Corrosion assessment, Methods of survey and case studies
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) on Steel Structures – Liquid penetrant testing, Magnetic particle testing, Radiographic testing, Ultrasonic testing, Visual testing

List of Codes for Civil Construction work

  • IS codes – Concrete work, Cement, Water, Bricks, Steel rebars
  • ASTM, BSI, ISO, ASI, ACI, – Non-destructive tests and determination of properties of Concrete

Introduction to Health & Safety in Construction

  • Essentials of achieving healthy and safe construction site
  • Identify hazards and control risks

Preparing for work

  • Planning and organising the work
  • Notifying to HSE

Setting up the site

  • Site access and Welfare facilities
  • Emergency procedures and First aid
  • Site rules

Construction phase

  • Site Management
  • Safe movement of goods
  • Occupational health risks
  • Monitoring and reviewing

Health & Safety management

  • Work Regulations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Training and Advice

Onsite training

  • Construction site visit
  • Organisational set up & construction procedures
  • Preparation of reports
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