Core pillars of SMEClabs


Core pillars of SMEClabs With the advent of globalization and opening of the Indian economy to outside world, competition among industries has become stiff. To find a solution to their engineering problems they rely on different technical Colleges. Likewise, there is an urgent need to prepare students for proper training and introducing them to the latest technology and engineering advancements.
We, SMEC Automation private limited takes immense pleasure in introducing SMEC Industry connect Technical Program to develop an expert skill for the technical Students (Engineers/Diploma/Technician) of India. SMEC Industry Connect helps the upcoming technical professionals to be skilled in today’s technology adapted to Industries & help them to get a hands-on experience with visual knowledge on the method of Production, Processing & Service Engineering. Today’s Industrial world expects professionals to have rich knowledge
in technology to mix & match different technical aspects and methods to increase the production and to ensure the correct process flow & safety. SMEC industry connect help the upcoming Engineers to meet the demands of global industries.

The industry-institute interaction is designed to run longer period for preparing the manpower of world class in the field of science and technology by incubating various skills required by the industry thereby contributing to the economic and social development at large


The need for digital literacy in a country with the population amounting to 1.5 billion is high. People who are digitally literate will always be an asset to our country. A huge socio-economic difference can be made by elevating the education, healthcare, citizen service, financial services, or any other basic need. This changes can be brought out by providing digital literacy to digitally illiterate people of the country.

Digital literacy plays a vital role in e-services like e-commerce – governance, e –panchayat e-learning etc. In the current scenario, technology is becoming an inevitable part of our daily life, be it using mobile phones, drawing cash from ATM machines, booking a railway ticket etc. Hence, there is a need that every individual in the country must be equipped with necessary skills so as to use the technology with responsibility. The definition of who is considered a literate or educated has evolved over time and it is not complete without Digital Literacy. Digital Literacy, according to the popular definition is the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and create information using digital technology.

Making one person in every family digitally literate is one of the integral components of the Prime Minister‘s vision of “Digital India”. Digital India vision promises to transform India into a fully connected knowledge economy, offering world-class services at the click of a mouse. This vision aims to change the life in rural India by making every citizen a complete digital literate citizen.

With this mission, SMEClabs who have an unparalleled record in technical education has a noble mission to take technology to common people.


The Research, Development and Training wing of SMEC Automation aims at doing research and developing tools to address the aspects of early process design, process engineering and implementation from a purely engineering perspective. We take utmost care in providing improved technology to satisfy the customer for decision support tools. With its combination of control architecture, logistics, and optimization, as well as a strong logic development capacity and training, SMEClabs forms a natural extension to SMEC’s diverse activities in the control engineering arena. To be able to provide clients with state-of-the-art lab services and tools, the unit collaborates close with all the regional bases of SMEC drawing from the extensive competency in-house units.
We are able to provide assistance in developing a project from an early stage, based on customer’s need, through a conceptual design including an outline specification. We use our unique concept development process developed by SMEClabs, together with expertise from other units of SMEC, to facilitate the process design development through pre-defined stages involving analyses on both economic and technical level.


Entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic development of a country. Successful entrepreneurs innovate, bring new products and concepts to the market, improve market efficiency, build wealth, create jobs, and enhance economic growth. Entrepreneurs convert ideas into economic opportunities through innovations which are considered to be a major source of competitiveness in an increasingly globalizing world economy.We provide Entrepreneurs a platform to build their dream company.
We are able to provide assistance in developing a project from an early stage, based on customer needs, through to a conceptual design including an outline specification. We use our unique concept development process developed by SMEClabs, together with expertise from other units of SMEC, to facilitate the development through pre-defined stages involving analyses on both economic and technical level. Over the years team SMEC has successfully completed works related to project development in all domains.
Industrial projects completed include various national level projects for companies like Aditya Birla, Reliance, TATA amongst others. Govt. enterprises that have benefited from the SMEC scientific offering include ISRO, VSSC, NPOL, ONGC, and BARC amongst others
We provide incubation facilities to start-ups and also help them in all their technical difficulties by providing both online and offline technical support until required.


Globalization, knowledge, and competition have intensified the need for highly skilled workforce in both the developing and developed nations as it enables them to accelerate the growth rate of their economy towards higher trajectory. Today all economies need skilled workforce so as to meet global standards of quality, to increase their foreign trade, to bring advanced technologies to their domestic industries and to boost their industrial and economic development. Thus, skills and knowledge become the major driving force of socio-economic growth and development for any country. As it has been observed that countries with highly skilled human capital tend to have higher GDP and per capita income levels and they adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of the world of work.

The increasing globalization and digital presence provide India a unique position to increase its share further in global market from the current share of around 37% in the global outsourcing market. Hence such a scenario necessitates skill development for the workforce. We at SMEClabs look forward to providing skills training to students in order to fulfill the dream.

At SMEClabs, we believe that our responsibilities do not end with the education. We believe in enriching the industry with highly trained and competent professionals so that we as a nation can move forward with the right people working in the right positions. We have been providing technical training and placement assistance for our students for the last 17 years. We have been shaping the future of the nation with care and precision. And we hope to continue this in the future.


Faculty development focuses on the improvement of the individual instructor’s teaching skills; instructional development on students’ learning by improving the course and curriculum experience; and organizational development on the interrelationship and effectiveness of units within the institution.

We in SMEClabs believe that the quality of the students graduated from the institution largely depends upon the teaching and various other faculties in the institution.So we believe that a strong faculty is the backbone of our institution. We provide periodic training sessions solely aimed at improving the quality of our faculty. With the aim of equipping faculty members with required skills and knowledge, SMEClabs pursues the Faculty Development Program as its primary objective.


SMEC offers a rich pool of courses and training preparing the candidates to begin their professional career. The training can be conducted at the college premises or any other location through domain experts having a close monitoring of the industrial development. Customization of courseware and flexibility in schedule are add-on features for the smooth transition of campus training; without creating any hassle in the pre-determined academic calendar. Participants of our 1 month and 2/3 weeks industrial training workshops gain exposure to working challenges and their effective solutions build an association between theoretical concepts and actual implementation in live scenarios. Practical exposure facilitates the acquiring of on-job skills by gaining proficiency in problem-solving and becoming industry-ready.
SMEClabs also run a product division specialized in developing non-sophisticated, user-friendly, equipment for labs, wherein a student can do testing and research. Our trainer kits focus on higher strata of the technological order and assisted by the complete documentation and additional support lessons, the students are on their way to mastering the technology in a few days time
We in SMEClabs/ believe that by bridging the gap between academic and real-life working culture at a younger age could make the students ready for a successful engineering career.

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