Electrical QC Electrical Quality Control Training

Electrical QC Training This program is for engineers and technicians who wish to develop their knowledge of the design and implementation of safety in electrical, automation and instrumented systems in industrial processes. Safety control systems are widely used in hazardous processes to protect people, the environment, and equipment against serious harm. Many countries look for compliance with international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 as a benchmark of acceptable quality in design and management of safety controls. This program will explain the key requirements of the IEC 61511 standard for all stages of the safety project from hazard and risk assessment studies through to hardware and software engineering and on to the maintenance and proof testing regimes.

Electrical QC Course Accreditations

Electrical QC Training Courses

Diploma in Electrical Quality Control

Certificate in Electrical Quality Control

PG Diploma in Safety and Control Systems

Electrical QC training

Electrical QC Electrical Quality Control

  • Introduction of Industries
  • About the standard in industries(IS,IEC,IEEE, NFPA, NEMA, NEC, ANSI)
  • Switchyards
  • Oil gas plant
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Power plants
  • Oil refinery
  • Project quality control requirements
  • Plans development requirements for review
  • Conformance to cad standards
  • Plans reviews
  • Design documentation requirements
  • Quality control responsibilities
  • Quality control reviews
  • Design review requirements of Electrical apparatus
  • Phase reviews Electrical Engineering
  • Review process of Plant
  • Review reports of Electrical Equipment
  • Checking of Electrical drawings Module-4 right-of-way, constructability, and bid ability reviews
  • Right-of-way reviews
  • Constructability review
  • Bid ability review
  • Method of documentation of comments, coordination and responses
  • Documentation of comments and responses
  • Requests for changes to the scope
  • Quality assurance
  • QA of consultant projects
  • reviews of consultant designs electrical Basis
  • Process improvement Oil and Gas
  • Audit
  • Management review
  • Internal and external project audit
  • Audit scheduling
  • Audit planning
  • Audit personnel
  • Audit reporting
  • Audit follow-up
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