Power and electrical systems training

Power and electrical systems training The SMEC Power and Electrical is a state-of-the-art educational institution where dedicated students receive thousands of hours of classroom instruction and on-the-job training over a six-year period from some of the electrical industry’s top experts. We provide The best Power and Electrical training in India.This high-level training curriculum includes such fields as electrical wiring and circuitry, computer programming, instrumentation, and telecommunications. In addition to studies in applied mathematics and practical application, graduates also receive extensive safety training and OSHA training. The training programmes concentrate on job oriented training provided by industrial experts.

Power and Electrical Course Accreditations

Power and Electrical Training Courses


PGD in Power and Electrical


Certified Electrical Engineer


Electrician Course

Power and Electrical Systems Syllabus

Awareness of Electricity

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Resistance
  • Ampere
  • Volt
  • Ohm’s law
  • Capacitance
  • Kirchhoff’s law
  • Electrical circuit
  • Closed electric circuit
  • Open electric circuit
  • Electric short circuits
  • Series circuit
  • Parallel circuit
  • Series parallel circuit
  • Power energy calculation.
  • Electrical symbols

Electrical machines and instruments


Introduction construction — operation — types of transformer — uses — protective devices of transformer — transformer oil.


Basic Principle— construction—parts of generator — method of functioning —types of generator — series generator—shunt generator — compound generator.


Basic Principle — construction — parts of DC motor — method of functioning—types of DC motor — series motor — Shunt motor — compound Motor.


Construction — operation — parts of ac generator – types ofAC generator—single phase AC generator – three phase AC generator.


Three phase motor -Single phase motor — construction — operation — uses.

Power Distribution System Fundamentals

Study of Electrical Projects

  • High Tension and low tension electrical work
  • Generating station
  • Substation or power line installation
  • Industrial projects
  • Domestic projects
  • Marine electrical work

Estimate and Coasting

  • Estimate material amounts and costs prior to bidding the project for construction on the basis of electrical projects
  • Calculation of total load
  • Selection of electrical equipment

Design of Electrical Drawings

  • Teach to create and manage projects, create and edit various electrical drawings, develop reports with help of AutoCAD® Electrical


Safety, Testing and Installation of Electrical Equipment

  • Megger
  • Multimeter
  • Tonge Tester
  • Earth Tester
  • Neon Tester
  • Loop Calibrator

Panel Wiring

  • Cable Laying and Gland Booting
  • Ferrule and Types of Leg Crimping
  • Bus Bar Arrangements
  • Relay Contactor and Switch Gear
  • Different types of Switches

Generator Synchronization, VFD and AMF


  • Pipe Earthing
  • Plate Earthing

Load Testing

  • No-load test
  • Open-circuit test
  • Short-circuit test

Power Management and monitoring

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