Startup Incubation Center

StartUp Incubation Center  Graduates these days never settle to work under or work for an organization. They dream bigger that they live their dreams to a great extent. Such candidates are mostly unaware of how to begin and how to implement their ideas and give life to it as they don’t get proper guidance in their campus or surroundings.

SMEC takes initiative to support and guide such aspirants and help them live their dreams. On promoting the MAKE IN INDIA scheme, SMEC provides not only ideas but also arrange financial support and space for research and development.

Start Up and Incubation Center – Connection to Start Up, SMEC also provides as an incubation center. SMEC finds the best and suitable candidates and permits them to access the lab facilities to develop prototypes and innovations. They will be under the proper guidance of professionals who are experienced. This helps freshers to be more confident and will always have a reliable source to guide them to complete projects successfully.

Start Up and Incubation Center –SMEC provides this facility in all its branches and also promote their projects on behalf of the candidate or group. This will give such engineers recognition among well-known engineers and also enter into the world of technological advancements.

Startup incubation center

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