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If you are reading this message, then we are glad to know that you have been going through our website where you would come across more and more genuine information about SMEC Automation. As mentioned earlier in About Us, SMEC Automation is one of the most successful and leading Service & Solution providers in Marine & Industrial sectors and also the best Skill Development Training center in Asia. Having a successful track record and being the most reliable organization, it is obvious that SMEC faces competition.
Many times SMEC was put to face such unhealthy competition and completely defamed by certain competitors with their unethical and unprofessional movements. This includes creating negative blogs, posting baseless comments using fake accounts, mentioning names of other institutes in our comments and saying that they are better and similarly a lot more. SMEC consider such actions as an appreciation and an acknowledgement that states SMEC Automation is the best and the others can’t better us and that they have to follow unethical measures.
We guarantee that any feedback from our clients or customers in any form will be accepted by us and we shall execute the necessary steps to resolve the problem.If you have a direct complaint you can fill the below-given form directly or can mail us directly to

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