Technical Fest At Collages

Technical Fest plays an important role in the college curriculum. It is one such event where young brains get to showcase their skills and compete with others to find the best. It is not just about the competitions but also an event where a lot of those new ideas are seen live and learn more and be inspired. Such inspiring events that happen every year in various colleges will guide engineers to dream bigger and make those dreams come true.

Technical Fest, For those colleges or universities that approach SMEC to conduct or coordinate such events will have a complete access to our Technical team and SMEC will take on the fest and conduct it. This mission is taken to get down to the college level and guide young engineers in such efficient manner that the innovators in them take life again.SMEClabs also conduct technical fests which include students and colleges from all across India.We at SMEC promote these ideas to bring the bright minds in INDIA together in a pool so that their ideas can be mixed together to provide a solution for an existing substantial problem in the nation or world.

Technical Fest

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