Trained Man Power supply

Trained Man Power supply, SMEC also supports the corporate by providing them Trained Man Power. Usually, the recruitment happening in an organization is a long procedure where the HRs meets up with consultancies and schedule interviews. The interview will be attended by all sorts of people who are not relevant to the Job Description and this makes the recruitment lengthy and at the same time, the organization loses quality time which is required to deliver their product or service.

Trained Man Power supply, SMEC makes this process very simple as SMEC has candidates who are skilled in all technical and non-technical fields. Based on the Job description SMEC will easily deliver skilled and trained candidates who are ready for work. This reduces the loss of time for recruitment and also to train them to make them fit for the job. The best part is that SMEC does it all for free.We Can also provide candidates for specific job roles in contract basis because Manpower is readily available in our Institutions.SMEC filters their candidates with a multi-level testing process.Our testing Process consists of an Aptitude test a technical round interview and an HR round.The Final shortlisted candidates are trained and only the cream of the candidates are finally Selected.So it provides the recruiters a simple platform to get the best Manpower in an efficient manner.

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